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International Journal of Oncology Research

Vol. 1, Issue 1, Part A (2021)

Potential cause of hearing loss from Cis-platin


Pankaj Singh Negi, Prakhar Jain

This review address cisplatin-induced hearing loss and various strategies tested to prevent this adverse effect. Cisplatin ototoxicity molecular pathways are still being investigated. Through the action of several transporters cisplatin enters targeted cells in the cochlea. After it enters the cochlea once, is retained for months to years. Cisplatin can inhibit protein synthesis, cause DNA damage and generate reactive oxygen species that can lead to inflammation and apoptosis of outer hair cells, resulting in permanent hearing loss. To prevent cisplatin ototoxicity utilized antioxidants, transport inhibitors, G-protein receptor agonists, and anti-inflammatory agents. There are no Food And Drug Administration-approved drugs to prevent cisplatin ototoxicity. Based on the long-term retention of cisplatin in the inner ear, any approved medication should either prevent passage of cisplatin into the inner ear or have the capability to continually protect against ototoxicity for months to years. Objective “This study starts to explain why patients who receive the drug sustain hearing loss,” Although corticosteroids may help to mitigate the ototoxic side effects of cisplatin, there are complications associated with their systemic and prolonged use “This is very important, because as we come to understand how cisplatin related hearing loss occurs, over time we may figure out a way to block it, or at least diminish its effects.”

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Pankaj Singh Negi, Prakhar Jain. Potential cause of hearing loss from Cis-platin. Int. J. Oncol. Res. 2021;1(1):01-04.
International Journal of Oncology Research

International Journal of Oncology Research